Royal Enfield & Tank Painting

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Hello everybody, I welcome you back to Pavinder’s art blog. I hope you like the posts that I have written so far as I have tried very hard to find subjects that will interest people. This is my first ever blog so please tell me if there is anything I can improve as I would like to learn and get better. Read more

The Rise of Indian Art

11/01/2016 Main

My name is Pavinder, did you enjoy my last article? This time I want to speak to you about how Indian art is starting to become very popular. India is growing more and more wealthy as the economy grows and there are more millionaires and billionaires than ever before. This obviously means that there are a lot more-wealthy people with money to spend on art and some will pay large sums of money to make sure they get the piece that they like. There has also been a rise in Chinese Investors over the last few years buying up artwork from all across the world. The increase in demand means that there has been a lot of focus on the art scene and art in India is becoming more popular with younger people. Also, a lot of younger people now get the chance to travel more so they experience art from other parts of the world and when they come home, they take inspirations from abroad. This can only have a positive impact on how Indian art evolves. Read more

Cymroza Art Gallery

06/01/2016 Main


01/01/2016 Main

Welcome to my Art blog. My name is Pavinder and I live in Mumbai. I love art so much and I enjoy very much enjoying my passion for art. I like many kinds of art from many countries not just Indian Art. Please come again and read my blog. I will be adding more comments very soon. Read more