Nail Art

30/07/2016 Main

I wanted to start this post to see what all you girlies out there thought about the nail art craze that seems to be taking the world by storm at the moment? I’ve been out of the dating loop for a long-time so it has been a rare occurrence for me in recent times to actually go out and get my nails done. Now for me, its always been a choice between a few of my favorite colors and that’s about as much thought as I’ve ever given to it really. I think once I actually had some basic stripes or two separate colors painted on but  that’s all. Nowadays girls are getting all sorts of whacky patterns & designs. Read more

Building a Bespoke Kitchen

16/05/2016 Main

Hey Folks! Welcome back to my blog. Read more

Knocking Down Walls

10/05/2016 Main

Hey there, I just wanted to give you all an update on my latest home improvements.  Read more

Blackboard Art

07/04/2016 Main

Hi, Pavinder here for you again. I hope you have enjoyed my blog entries so far, I really do try to write interesting things and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments and feedback. Thank you so much!! Read more

Finding a Roll Top Clawfoot Bathtub

07/04/2016 Main

In my last post I talked about creating a polished cement wall for my perfect bathroom. I still haven’t purchased a cement mixer but I am on the hunt for a good deal.  I have also become quite distracted by my search for a roll top bath tub. In particular, I would like to find a clawfoot tub.  The clawfoot tub was very popular amongst the wealthy elite in the late 19th century and because of their popularity it is possible to find them within the antiques market.  As well as their popularity, clawfoot baths were made from cast iron and coated with porcelain so they are very strong and durable which means, when someone does come across one, they are likely to find something that is usable and mostly intact.  Read more

Cement Wall in my Bathroom

24/03/2016 Main

Industrial Lines in the Bathroom: Read more

Interior design

10/03/2016 Main

Hello everyone, hope you are all well! So today I wanted to explore some new design ideas for renovating my home! I really want to update my living space and explore some new, contemporary design concepts. That being said I really love retro and vintage styles so my dream would be to create a space that explores both of these design aspects in order to create something that is both comfortable and cool. I love having a space that has lots of different textures, different styles of furniture. I think it’s important when you see something random that you like to just buy it and fill your home with lots of interesting and unique pieces. Read more

Designing a Wendy House for my Niece and Nephew

08/02/2016 Main

You know by now that I am a big fan of art and design. I also mentioned in my last article who much of a fan I was of buildings and architecture. Well, my Auntie is also aware of these facts so she called me the other day and asked me whether I’d like to take on a project for them. My Auntie’s two young children are aged four and five, there is almost exactly 12 months between them as my Auntie got pregnant virtually straightaway after giving birth to the first. This means that their birthdays are within the same week so they tend to get a shared birthday party and combined gifts. Read more

Wonders of India

01/02/2016 Main

My love for art means that I love old historical buildings with their magnificent and unique designs that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. I’ve been fortunate to travel and see some of the monuments outside of India but I wanted to talk about a few of my favourite inside of India. Read more

Royal Enfield & Tank Painting

21/01/2016 Main

Hello everybody, I welcome you back to Pavinder’s art blog. I hope you like the posts that I have written so far as I have tried very hard to find subjects that will interest people. This is my first ever blog so please tell me if there is anything I can improve as I would like to learn and get better. Read more

The Rise of Indian Art

11/01/2016 Main

My name is Pavinder, did you enjoy my last article? This time I want to speak to you about how Indian art is starting to become very popular. India is growing more and more wealthy as the economy grows and there are more millionaires and billionaires than ever before. This obviously means that there are a lot more-wealthy people with money to spend on art and some will pay large sums of money to make sure they get the piece that they like. There has also been a rise in Chinese Investors over the last few years buying up artwork from all across the world. The increase in demand means that there has been a lot of focus on the art scene and art in India is becoming more popular with younger people. Also, a lot of younger people now get the chance to travel more so they experience art from other parts of the world and when they come home, they take inspirations from abroad. This can only have a positive impact on how Indian art evolves. Read more

Cymroza Art Gallery

06/01/2016 Main


01/01/2016 Main

Welcome to my Art blog. My name is Pavinder and I live in Mumbai. I love art so much and I enjoy very much enjoying my passion for art. I like many kinds of art from many countries not just Indian Art. Please come again and read my blog. I will be adding more comments very soon. Read more